January 23, 2006

Velvet Paintings

One of the many things I collect is Velvet paintings.
Oooh I love them...

The King was found in Swift Current Saskatchewan when Gerry drove our 1962 Chevy Bel-air into a ditch because our brakes failed. Thank Elvis we were in Saskatchewan and not the mountains when that happened.

Nobody has nipples like that... do they?

I bought this for my friend Dylan for his birthday... he didn't want it. WHAT?? He's crazy.
This is my classy velvet painting. :)

Oooooh. Who's a sad girl. Wipe those tears.
If any of you have a nice velvet painting kicking around your Gramma's basement... feel free to send it to me. :)


Anonymous said...

I have nipples like that. just kidding.

leigh said...

My friend has a velvet painting of an Inuit. It scares us.

Sarah's Blog said...

You dirty dog.... :)

Marmot said...


I would have not accepted the bullfighter either. Is like advertising it, and living in a country as mine where you can find this bloody "feast" everywhere :(
it would be too much having this hanging in a wall...

Maybe your friend thought the same.


Sarah's Blog said...

No. He just thought it was "cheesy".