February 22, 2006

I hear the talking of the Dj.

Can't understand just what does he say?I'm on a Vegan radio. I'm on a Vegan - whoah - radio

Download my interview HERE! I'm about 8 minutes in... :)

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veganicat said...

thanks sarah for the great interview we got to use on this episode - The Vegan Cure! It was a special 1/2 hour episode that will be broadcast on Pacifica FM stations all over the US (not sure about canada). It isn't our normal format, since our shows are usually an hour and feature news and goofing off. This one was straight to the point about the health benefits of veganism for the wider audience.

We will be playing some out-takes from the interviews on our show next week, which will be The Vegan Cure: Out-takes or something like that... more sarah kramer at any rate.

anyone interested can subscribe to our podcast so you won't miss a beat.