March 30, 2006

what a day

Such a beautiful warm day yesterday...Someone couldn't WAIT to get outside and run around. Hardly needed a jacket it was so warm.
I love this town...
Nuttin much has been happening since I got back from Toronto. That's not true. I lie. I've been cleaning like a mo-fo. Cleaned and re-organized the Bio-Hazard room at the shop. I've been making many trips to the dump dropping off shop garbage (how sexy) and cleaned the bathroom and organized the book shelves. Wow... what a life I lead. *laugh*

As a treat Gerry got me a gift certificate for a pedicure, so I'm off to pretend I'm a "lady who lunches" and get my feet all done up nice.


Carrie™ said...

We've been getting great weather here too. 8C today. Woo-hoo! The robins are arriving in droves.
What a nice hubby you have. Enjoy your day. You should post your toes apres pedicure.

Kramers said...

It does look lovely there.
Its melting like crazy here and its we are enjoying sweater weather which is MY FAV!!

Enjoy your day. My feet are way to ugly for a pedicure. I would feel awful ruining someones day like that:)

Kramers said...

Is your husband always smiling??
How do you get him to do that??