June 14, 2006

I love rock n roll...

Herbivore Magazine's new music issue arrived in the mail today with JOAN JETT on the cover. *Woot*

Check out her new video.
Man she's hot!!

For people with Herbivore subscriptions you get extra stuff (like a really beautiful screen printed poster) and a link to a secret "members only" website where you can download free music. Wicked!!!!!


Carrie™ said...

Joan Jett kicks ass! She still looks great. Back in the 80's I wished I had Joan Jett's hair. Now in 2006, I'm still wishing I had Joan Jett's hair.

KleoPatra said...

Oh, cool video. Never mind rock 'n' roll, I love Joan Jett!! Carmen looks hot, so what else is new?! :o)

Thanks for posting this!