February 26, 2007


My pal Wendy scored us some freebie tickets to the Meat Loaf concert here in Victoria! I only really know Paradise By The Dashboard Light... but it still should be fun!


Jenni said...

I find it ironic that a vegan is going to a "Meatloaf" concert...Ok, not really, I just have the sense of humor of a seven year old.

I bought your book "How it all Vegan" and love the recipes. I have been dabbling in veganism for health reasons, Rheumatoid Arthritis to be more specific.I refused to continue with the drug treatment that was offered by my rheumatologist and wanted to try something more "natural."

Ever since I have changed my diet (which also includes eliminating wheat)my RA has improved GREATLY. So much that I barely even notice it anymore...Which from where I was a year ago is a miracle. Plus, I have been off any sort of drug for over a year now and am doing great.

Anyway, I applaud your lifestyle and am glad that you were able to put your talent out there for all of us to enjoy!


KleoPatra said...

"Two Out of Three Ain't Bad" is a great song, too. Love the 'loaf! The only kind of real Meatloaf i'll ever want more of... for sure!

jen in kingston said...

Free is the only way anybody should see meatloaf - in fact, I am not even sure that I would go if it were free. make sure you make the best of it.

bat out of hell was the first album i ever bought. it was released on my 6th birthday on oct 21, 1977. i remember staring at the album cover thinking it was the coolest and most evil thing i had ever seen.

popular radio killed meatloaf... then i learned to totally hate it - can't even appreciate the cheeze factor anymore.

currenlty, my burning hatred has been re-kindled because of karaoke... oh god...please don;t let me ever hear paradise by the dashboard light done by bad singers ever again!

Wow! what a rant...have a good time?


angela said...

Oh snap! I wanna get me a red chiffon hankie & use it to accentuate my meanigful vocabulary - oh & then make out on stage! What about Rocky Horror?