February 19, 2007


What a fun crazy night!! I'll tell ya'll all about it later.

I doubt I'll be on camera... but I was on the main floor about 4th or 5th row up from the front. They did a couple of audience sweeps so keep your eyes peeled!! :)

No more blogs from me until I get home Thursday.
Peace out.


Ariane said...

i wish you were in vic right now! i'm out here visiting relatives, and on the way back from my uncle's we passed tattoo zoo, and i was like "hey, that's sarah kramer's!!!" and thought, hey, i should go say hi and introduce myself, and then i remembered you were away! next time...

achangeinscenery said...

I tried to stay up to watch it, but fell asleep watching "What's With That House?" within 5 minutes of Dave starting. I've become such a lightweight in my old age. =)