March 15, 2007


Does anyone in Victoria have a dehydrator I can borrow for a few weeks?

And another raw question ... where do I find coconut water? Do I really have to crack open my own coconuts? Isn't there an easier way??


jodi said... a can of coconut milk and.. you know how the solid stuff is at the sides and it's really runny before you mix it? well grab a strainer and lay a paper towel in it, and poor the liquidy coconut milk i....? I don't know. On the recipe for coconut berry pie on vegweb, that's what somebody did. That's what I would do. Whatcha makin'?

Carol said...

Did you try looking around at second hand stores for the dehydrator?
Not a clue about the coconut water, unless you check out Fairways on Quadra or Superstore out in Langford..they seem to have a large selection of ethnic foods(is that the politically correct way of saying that?!)
What are you making?

shebytches said...

are we all thinking about raw? am actually going to try 1/2 my weeks raw, the other half not raw, I know I can't do it full time, and I am looking to buy a used dehydrator here in toronto and trust me, these seem to be hard to come by. I think once people buy them they aren't willing to give them up :(

in my hunt if I come across any in your neck of the woods will let you know :)

xo c

sundaegirl108 said...

I saw coconut water in the supermarket this week. :)
It looks like GOYA makes it.
Link to it on Amazon:

mamafabun said...

I'd loan you mine but unfortunately I'm much too far away.

Pretty sure I've seen coconut water at Whole Foods and various other groceries, though I don't know what the shopping scene is like in Victoria.

So... I'm not too big a help. Sorry.

Ariane said...

I could swear that it was when I was on the island a few weeks ago that I saw coconut water in the store and was like "wtf is this?" I'm pretty sure it was in the beverage section of the Planet Organic (I think it's on McKenzie? Is that a street over there?)

Lorie said...

I say go for the DIY method. My grandma would grate mature coconuts all the time to make an oil we call "al-com-por" and also for desserts. She would just hack at it with a huge machete. (And then sit on something like this to grate it.) I know you probably don't have a machete and you probably want the juice from a young coconut... but I'm thinking it's the same method for cracking 'em open.
Maybe you can find a huge sharp rock to use.

It could be therapeutic.

And plus, it'll be totally fresh! (And that's the best!)

Chef Ben said...

We sell coconut water - guess you'll have to make another trip to winnipeg!

toxicdoll said...

Re: coconut water.
If you want a full raw recipe then getting water out of the coconut is the only way. Buy young coconuts not the reg brown ones, they are easy to open with the right knife by cracking a little and cutting along the top.
Otherwise the canned water might work.