March 11, 2007

The End of Mr Y

My least favourite part of traveling is the schlepping. The hurry up and waiting... but what I do enjoy is the uninterrupted time to read. I make sure I don't buy any saucy gossip rags, no matter how enticing they are with photos of bald Britney or the real daddy of Anna Nicole's baby.

So this trip I finally was able to rip into The End of Mr Y, Scarlett Thomas new book. I've had it on my bedside table for quite a while and would read a few pages every night before I went to bed, but that's not really reading.

What a great book. I can't explain it other then it is a mind trip. *laugh* Literally... you'll understand what I mean if you read it. I had more fun reading Pop-Co, but that doesn't mean I didn't relish every page of Mr.Y. It was wonderful... and again the main character is veggie. It's nice to be able to relate to your main character. :)

Next up is Jpod by Douglas Coupland.


Wiebke said...

love mr. y - and i miss "him", left the book in nyc even though i was only half through it. hope my friend will make it up here soon and bring it.

good idea about the coupland book. i fell in love with his writing years ago with mircoserfs, and girlfriend in a coma.

hoody and jeans weather here in toronto today!!! sunny, spring feeling. finally!!!

Anonymous said...

JPod is an awesome read

KleoPatra said...

Oooh... so many good books! Gotta find the time. Sarah, thanks for the head's up on this one. I'll be checkin' it out.

Miranda said...

oh! just finished jpod and it was really great!
im onto extremely loud and incredibly close by jonathan foer. if you like coupland you'd love him.