April 26, 2007

The A-Channel

TONIGHT on The A-Channel my friend Adam Sawatsky is doing a little story on Fergus and his sudden rise to fame after his appearance on AFV. If you're in BC, tune in around 5:40 to watch Fergus be a diva!!

I'm trying to teach Fergus to catch a ball... I don't think he'll ever figure it out.


Carol said...

We saw! I also phoned some friends of ours who Gerry has tattooed and gave them the heads up as well.
Fergus looked very smart with his haircut and dapper little sweater, and your haircut truly is very cool.
That's how every newscast should be ended...with a warm funny fuzzy like that, don't you think?

Michelle said...

sarah dear, my 3.5 yr old daughter thinks that Fergus is the cutest dog ever! thought you would get a kick out of that ;)

sar said...

Awe. So cute.
Sarah, I love the way you giggle at your little buddies accomplishments.