April 23, 2007

Hi... I'm Bloaty Mc.Bloaterson

My stomach is huge and I'm exhausted. All this food I have to eat before I can do my allergy blood test is killing me.

I've eaten a large majority of the items on the list but have been avoiding the ones that I know are going to kill me. I had white rice tonight. YUCKERS! I had some pineapple yesterday and immediately had to go lay down for a power-nap. I bet pineapple is high up on the list. I've been avoiding other items I react to like lemon and orange until I have nothing to do that day.

We're starting renovations on the tattoo shop tonight and I can work around a gigantic uncomfortable bloated belly but I need energy to build walls.

The renos are minor, but I do have to pull out my bucket of red paint and paint 2 more walls once we're done.... and I said I'd never paint red walls again...Never say never. *laugh*

I'll post some photos of the demo later. :)
I'm off to wield my hammer!


Anonymous said...

hi sarah,
thanks so much for the t-shirt and the cards!
have fun renovating. hope i can come by some time soon to visit the shop again.
and you feel better soon.
it must be hard what you're doing.

kinziephoto said...


veganfreak said...

that sounds absolutely horrible -- hang in there!

leigh said...

you need to tell us what you eat regularly. i can't imagine no tomato sauce!

Jamie said...

I hope you feel better soon, Sarah! My sister went through the same thing a few years ago and had to change her diet drastically, but it made a huge difference and ended with her feeling better than she had in years.

Good luck! :)