May 28, 2007

2 days

I tried. For 2 days in a row I parted my hair on the right instead of the left. It just doesn't work!! I'm back to the left. PHEW!

I'm a little depressed about the soy today... not all the mock meat stuff cause I don't really care about that stuff. It's the little things like my favourite Japanese restaurant that has these yummy deep fried tofu sticks with a sesame sauce. I'll miss those. And Miso soup. And especially edamame.

Oh edamame... I never got to say good-bye.


Saoirse said...

What happens to you when you eat soy?

I'm really sorry. That's an inconvenient allergy to have. :(

Riley & Tiki said...

Sorry about the soy. I feel your pain. I probably cheat and eat it once every week or two. It's hard not to eat it. I eat a lot of beans to stay away from the soy. Hopefully you're just allergic to kidney beans and not the rest of them. That would be worse than losing soy!

R&T Mom

P.S. I'm not actually allergic to soy that I know of, but my doctor has promised more fibroid surgery if I eat it, so I try to avoid it.

Anonymous said...

You can have miso soup!
Miso is fermented, so the protein you're allergic to changes...

dawn frary said...

I'm a leftie too.

And I would die without edamame.