June 04, 2007

my life

Sometimes my life is way more complicated than it needs to be...
I need to figure out how to simplify. I also need to stop using shopping as a way to make me feel better.


Anonymous said...

I hear ya......sometimes retail therapy can be very untherapeutic!! I have been reading the site Unclutterer and it has inspired me to declutter my life and curb spending!
There is something to be said about simplicity!
I also like the site The simple dollar...good tips for the frugal!
Cheers to the simple life!

Anonymous said...

Alex Martin took a very interesting approach to simplifying her life, starting with clothing and fashion.


sar said...

You are not alone.
We all feel buggered up.
We just do what we can with what we got and who we are- and try our darndest to not sweat the small stuff.