June 23, 2007


For those vegans out there who miss the yummy goodness of Cheezies and/or Popcorn twists... fret no more.

Tings have rocked my world. I don't know if they're new to the market or perhaps I live in a junk food cave but these Tings have satisfied a place in my vegan tummy that was longing for junk food from my childhood.

Run down to your local store or buy them online here.


jenny said...

I have never been more upset with my husband then when I tried my first bag of Tings, excitedly called him up to tell him of their crunchy perfection only to have him respond, "Yeah, I get those all the time, they've been out forever."

I was in disbelief that he wouldnt' share something so wonderful with the entire world (or at least with me, his junkfood-adicted partner)!

Karen said...

I took one bite of the "Pirate Booty" and threw out the rest of the bag. Icky. Haven't tried the Tings though...I love Popcorn Twists but have avoided them because once I start, I usually can't stop. Perhaps I shall give these a try.

PS: I'm a DISCO FREAK! Thanks so much for the button, Sarah!

Anonymous said...

pirate booty bad.
tings unreal.
veggie tings out of this world.

Anonymous said...

Pirate Booty is nazzty.. but Tings, my love. Those are easily my favorite snack food.

Aside from sweets, of course.

Anonymous said...

Ours stores don't carry Tings :( and Food Fight says they don't ship to Canada :(

fancyjane said...

i must try the tings. i have not had the pirate booty that everyone seems to hate but i have had the VEGGIE BOOTY and i love it! ok bye.

KleoPatra said...

i gotta try these! Thanks for the head's up that they're vegan. i always have a concern 'cause i know some of this brand's other products are decidedly NOT vegan...