July 14, 2007


I need a good hanging light/lamp for the dining room... any ideas? I would love one of these... but who has that kind of dosh?


Sherry said...

Gosh, that is cool...why don't you try to MAKE one...reminds me of a craft project I did years ago...totally do-able, I'll bet!

"After attempts at knitting fiberglass as a means of creating structure, Pot turned to coiling epoxy-dipped fiberglass around a large balloon in varying patterns. Once the balloon was popped, the dramatic globe shape remained, becoming a buoyant pendant lamp for an entryway, dining room or lounge area."

Laurelle said...

What we did for lights was to buy one of those round paper lanterns, a cord, and an engery-saving lightbulb. Then put them all together.. it's cheap and it looks pretty good.

You're right about all the plastic that they package the lightbulbs in, not envio-friendly!

paisley said...

I just made a soy wallet! It was so fun, or soy fun. LOL
It took me a while and I had to repaste a few spots because I didn't measure right, but over all it worked. The next one I make should be near perfect. You can buy them at soywallets.com for 7$ and I tell you what it would be worth the 7$ it takes a few minutes to do it the first time. Thanks for the heads up on the next up and coming fad, soon everyone will be sporting the milk carton wallet.
P/S can't wait to see the floor.

Anonymous said...

maybe you can make one. try getting a very large balloon
blow it up
wrap string or rope diped in glue all around it in a crazy pattern
then po the balloon when it is dry
after that all you should need is a light!

Carrie™ said...

Have you checked out IKEA? I know you like that store and I browse in there for hours. They've got some nice funky fixtures. Cheap.

leigh said...

who has that kind of cabbage?!

Anonymous said...

They used to have a really cool hanging light at Plenty (next door to Not Just Pretty)...I don't know if it's still there, but maybe he can give you a lead on where to get something cool...