July 01, 2007

Solair Chair

I'd love to find a couple of Solair Chairs for the patio. Anyone have one or seen any for sale... I'll make it worth your while!! :)


Miranda said...

we have chairs like those we got a couple years ago from that fat cat art gallery next to value village which was weird. my mom got them for us as a gift. they are wire though with (boo) leather flap things. i have also seen the same ones at a furniture store on johnson next to market square. here is a picture of ours:
but again, leather. we wouldn't buy them now but perhaps they have some other styles there.

Miss13 said...

Hello Sarah, just wanted to say hello, I just got the Dolce Vegan and really enjoy what you are doing.
Here's a link to help you out -

Ariane said...

i *think* they had some at the furniture store next to the dominion building in vancouver (on hastings at cambie--a couple doors east of where spartacus books is)... for some reason i'm thinking they were a less pretty colour though... i work in the dominion bldg, so send me an email if you want me to poke my head in and check!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I have 2 chairs that I am not willing to part with...but there are 2 for sale on ebay Canada right now. I have also seen many others for sale recently. Good luck...

Andrew said...

Hi Sarah, better late than never. I have 4 original orange IPL Solair Chairs in mint condition if you're interested. I live in Toronto.


Anonymous said...

I picked a set of these chairs they are very cool. I bought them in Toronto at Pazo 781 Queen St East for $120 each and great colours

416 916 6302

Andrew said...

You obviously Own Studio Pazo. Good one !

I have many of these chairs in mint condition and would sell them for less than $120.00(which I think is overpriced).