August 09, 2007

Game Show

I'm trying to think up names for my new "game show" demo that I'm going to do at the Veg Fair in Toronto.

I was going to call it "Let's Make A Meal" but I also have been thinking of "Wheel of Vegan" or "Vegan or No Vegan". Do you guys have any ideas for a name?? :)


leigh said...

i like Let's Make a Meal! then you can say it all game show host-y.

Anonymous said...

"The Vegan is Right"

"Who Wants to be a Vegan?"

"The Vegan Connection"

"Vegan Feud"

"Vegan Inventor"

"America's Next Top Vegan"

Katy Gee said...

Let's make a meal is cute. YAY I'm excited for the veg fair! And I LOOOOVE game shows! :D

Other names:
The Vegan is Right (muwhaha)
Family Food
Who wants to be a Vegan (millionaire, get it....yeah hah)

Anonymous said...

I like Let's make a meal!

paisley said...

Maybe you could use the theme idea from the $10,000 Pyramid show, and then somewhere incorporate a picture of the "vegan pyramid" showing the new and improved way of looking at the food pyramid.

Cannibal Roses said...

I like either:

Let's Make a Meal or
Let's Skip the Veal or
Family Food.