August 01, 2007

Look out TORONTO!

I'm coming to VEG FAIR this year!!

Saturday, September 8 at 5pm I will be demoing Cinnamon Doughnut Holes and talking about vegan baking.
Sunday, September 9 at 4pm the demo will be a little different. We will be playing a game called LET'S MAKE A MEAL! Audience participation is a must and prizes will be given out.

Plus my great friends Sho Mo & The Monkey Bunchwill be performing. I'm so excited!!!

I can't wait.


Carrie™ said...

Oooooo!!!! I've been waiting for this announcement. WOOT!! I'm crossing fingers and toes that you don't fall under the weather this year.

Nat said...

Oh yay!!! This makes me smile!! And its my last weekend before going back to school, and now it'll be kick ass!

Melody said...

Yippee! Is it sad that the Veggie Fair is one of the highlights of my year? We go and eat. Then we look around. Then we eat again. Then we have another browse before eating again. You get the picture. Looking forward to seeing you again.

Jen said...

Yay!!! If I can get people to man my booth, I'll definitely try to sneak off to check out a demo! Regardless, I hope we get the chance to meet face to face one way or another!