September 23, 2007


Hey Mac-peeps
Is there a way to set up my Mac so I can push a button and minimize all my windows so I can see my desktop??

You know how on a PC you can just push the "desktop" icon?? Anyone??


VegMomma said...

On our Mac, if you go into System Preferences, then into Dashboard and Expose, there should be a "Show Desktop" option. On our computer the F10 key does the job... Does that make sense? It's my interpretation of my computer-literate husband's response.

tiedyehippie said...

not sure about a button. but if you go to system preferences and then go into dashboard and expose, you can set it up to where if you move your mouse to a certain corner of your choice, it will go to your desktop.

Hope that helps some.

sammy_joe said...

You can push F11, or alternatively if you go into your system preferences, you can program the different cornes of your screen to do different things. For example, if I push my mouse the the very bottom right hand corner, dasboard comes up. Bottom Left starts the screen saver. Top right shows me all the windows I have open at once so I can choose which I want to work on with out minimizing all the others in my way.