September 14, 2007

Veg Fair!

I lost an important person in my life this month and I wanted to thank everyone involved with Veg Fair for letting me re-arrange my schedule so I could fly home for the funeral. It's really taken the wind out of my sails... but I'll be back soon.

A big SMOOCH to all of you who sent me your photos... I put them into a little video for you to watch. :)

music by The Paper Cranes


Nats said...

Thats such a cute video!!! And awesome song. Now I have to check out The Paper Cranes! Thanks!

Carrie™ said...

My sympathies again Sarah. It can be so hard and I hope you bounce back soon. It looks like a lot of fun at the Food Fair. I'm sorry I missed you. Next year I'm just booking the whole weekend off. F**k it!

miranda said...

i'm so sorry for your loss :(

the veg fair looked great! i wish we had something like that here..

ps thanks for using our song! it made me giddy!

Anonymous said...

My condolences, Sarah- I hope you're doing well.

It was great to see you over the Veg Fair weekend; you're so damn badass! :) Take care, hope to see you next year!


Anonymous said...

great video!
And good musical choice, I checked out the musical cranes on their myspace page today!

again awesome vid!
Hope you're feeling better!