October 29, 2007

I'm old...

I got tattoo'd today and totally tapped out after the outline... why does getting tattoo'd hurt so much more now that I'm older?? No photos for you today, I'm afraid ... you'll have to wait till I get it colored. *oh Jesus*

We did a few more renos this week. By "we" I mean Gerry put in a new fan in my bathroom and now when I take a bath it's no longer a tropical rain forest in there... it's now bone dry. YAY! He also fixed the ball/cock. *hee hee* The toilet now runs like a dream!

In other news... no news. Just chillin and enjoying the quiet.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean!
I am 33 and two weeks ago, got my first tattoo in over a decade (I have lots of others from my 20s).

I hopped up on the table game as anything, then nearly passed out from the pain! WTF!

E.K. Wimmer said...

This makes no sense to me. It should hurt less with age. I thought your skin gets crusty and hard when you're old. It should be like tattooing a dinosaur.

Crys T said...

Oh no, please don't tell me this!

I'm planning on my first tattoo since about 1994, and now I'm gonna be all nervous about it.....and I wanted it to be my biggest one, as well. :(

mishka said...

shoot. I'm also planning my very first tattoo evah at age 34. Am I going to cry like a little girlie? I thought I was all kinds of tough, but now I'm scared.

So, where's the tattoo photo, huh? huh?