December 02, 2007


It's been so windy that my cheeks are chapped. Ugh. The only relief I have is smothering my face in unscented hand cream... anyone have any tips for treating chapped cheeks?? :)


holly said...

I'm in Manitoba and the weather is so awful here and my poor skin is so dry and chapped. I was using vegetable oil and it helped for awhile but that isn't even helping me at this point. :-( If it's not super cold out there then perhaps the vegetable oil treatment will work for you.

Laura said...

My skin freaks out in cold/windy/freezy weather and the best thing I've found is calendula cream! Weleda make one, but there are often a few in your well stocked wholefoody store type place. Or you could make some if you have access to a whole lot of marigolds. One leetle question-- have you been to San Francisco much? Any tips for vegans travelling there?

Sam said...

I have horribly dry skin, especially in the winter. My skin gets so bad that it cracks and bleeds! When it does, I use Cetaphil cleanser (non-soap, very gentle) to wash, and then at night, coat my face in Vaseline. It feels nasty, but it works like a dream.