January 04, 2008

Attn: British Columbia cookie lovers

My friend Eden's amazing New Moon Kitchen cookies are coming all the way from Toronto to Planet Organic in Victoria and Port Coquitlam on Saturday. Cookie party!!

RUN to Planet Organic and buy yourself a couple of bags. They're vegan. They're fantastic ... and your tummy will thank you. The Goldies are my fav!!


mishka said...

MoMints! I bring those to parties and buy them for swap partners – they're my favourites :)

Petra said...

I work at Planet Organic! I'm the friendly-but-inappropriate vegan cashier- soon to be produce apprentice. I look out for you all day but have never seen you... my tattooed Victoria vegan cookbook queen/idol.
Those cookies are quite delicious. Now that I know who makes them I can have one more reason to endorse them to everyone who comes to my till.

ashley said...

mmmmm.... MoMints