January 02, 2008

Attn: Victoria Vaginas!!

Hello Friends
Well it's time to ring in the new year with a BANG!! Let's take a photo of your vagina!! :)

For those of you interested in being involved in the "vagina photo project" I will be hosting a "open house" on SAT Jan 12th from 12-5pm.

To refresh your memory I will be taking photos of vaginas for display in The McPherson Lobby during the show's run. These are NOT wide open beaver shots but just a straight ahead shot of your bush. The shot is a tight shot, just your bush area ... so don't worry about shaving your legs, wearing shoes, etc. :)

In exchange for your participation in my art project you will receive a 5x7 copy of your vag for display in your home. :)
-These will be COMPLETELY anonymous
-These will be on display (possibly for sale) in the lobby
-These may be compiled in a book at a later date
-These may be used for the video during the play

You may decorate or groom your vagina any way you like. Or just come as you are...

-The "open house" is for woman only. Please don't bring boyfriends or anyone who isn't participating in the art project.
-Your photo will be done IN PRIVATE in my studio. We can close the door and nobody but you and me will be in the room.
-If you are feeling painfully shy about shooting during the open house we can schedule you at a later date... but I would prefer we do them all in one day.

Let me know if you have any questions.
See you on Jan 12th!!


Anonymous said...

I wish I lived there. :( This is such a great plan.

Rage And Love said...

hmm...pictures of vaginas...


I remember when they were doing that thing around here in LA.

Good times

New Cook Book?!!!

Where have I been?! I'm so stoked!

Scarlett said...

Omigod Sarah, I would love to come over for you to shoot! So cute....and we do "bikini-scaping" in my salon so I could have a heart bush or lightening bolt :-) But we are going to California...boohoo

Anonymous said...

I would love to "participate" but will be away... any chance of an alternate date?