February 11, 2008


Dungaree Dolly Bag!

Clothes by Tarantula Clothing Company!
I love playing dress-up!!


rizzarizzrazz said...

Where the @#$% did you get those shoes? I like, I like. :)

Carrie™ said...

What a cutie-pie you are. The outfit is great and the shoes are totally kick-ass!
BTW, any update on Gus? I'd hate to see him end up at the SPCA. Don't they euthanize? The one in Hamilton does.

Karene said...

You're looking very cute Sarah :-) They really ought to be paying you for modelling their stuff!

Nat said...

these pictures are great!!! and you look LOVELY.

Janey said...

Sarah you look absolutely gorgeous!! And you are my inspiration to stop dying my hair.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree you are simply gorgeous. BTW I just ordered a bag from DollyDungaree...can't wait to receive it.

"Apron" Krista