May 19, 2008


Well I hurt my neck painting the bathroom... yeesh. Heating pad, ice, heating pad, ice and a bunch of Tiger Balm later I'm feeling a little better. So what do I do to celebrate? We go on nice long bike ride down the Galloping Goose Trail. FUN!

music by Kin Keezy

I put MAJOR sunblock all over me (painted ladies have to protect their tattoos) but I forgot one spot. The back of my neck. Now I have a nice red neck. OH NO! I'm a Red Neck!

Fergus rode in my basket most of the way ... but there was one long stretch (away from any cars) where we let him run beside us, he was soooo pooped by the time we got home!! :)
It was an amazing day ... thank you Gerry for making me ride my bike. :)


E.K. Wimmer said...

Fergus is too cute. Don't worry, you and Gerry are also.

Joel said...

woop woop for bikes!

leigh said...

hey i hurt my neck too! by...doing nothing apparently. my mom got me Tiger Balm. (and ben-gay for herself, but i think that stuff is poisonous, personally.)

glad we are BOTH feeling better!!

Carrie™ said...

You, Sarah, are one talented lady. How were you able to ride a bike and shoot a video? I'd be crashing into everything or falling off the bike.