May 20, 2008

Tattoos are the new day off!

Monday is our Sunday and Gerry and I were going to go to the museum - but since it was a holiday weekend the line-up was stupid long so we walked away wondering what to do with our day off.

WHAT TO DO?? Let's tattoo! So we ran down to the shop, I dropped my pants and we did session 2 of a 3 session tattoo on my leg.

What a cutie pie!
Seriously ... PAY ATTENTION to what you're doing!!
Voila! Almost done. Still have to color the banner and the face.The banner says "Pay no mind" and is a lyric from one of my favourite songs "Our Lips Are Sealed" by some band you've probably never heard of. :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful tattoo! :) Is the thigh area painful? I thought about getting a piece done on the back of my thigh and my tattoo artist insisted that that spot is very painful and tender.

Sarah's Blog said...

It all hurts... :)

rizzarizzrazz said...

Your tattoo artist should shut up and let you get a tattoo wherever you want to. Ahem. Anyway!

I can't believe I wasn't invited to No Pants Monday. Being pants-free is one of my favorite things about life! *sigh* Okay. I'm over it.

Gerry looks like an entirely different human when he's not hiding inside a black hoody and toque. Sometimes I forget the guy even has tattoos.

Lovely tattoo, by the way. I like when tattoo-ladies have that kind of hair.


Anonymous said...

Wish I could come to the Zoo when I get my tattoo....

Crys T said...

I love the shade of red used for the headband and the roses!