July 17, 2008

love handles...

So I've been searching for some handles for my freshly painted kitchen cupboards. I don't want to spend a lot of $$ on handles but I can't find any I like that don't cost a lot of $$.

I have expensive taste (I blame my parents) but I can't justify paying $20+ a handle for the kitchen because I'm a total cheapskate (I blame my parents) and I'm not about to put some cheap crappy looking handle on either.

So I've been feverishly perusing thrift stores, garage sales and the Re-Store but haven't had any luck until I went to my favourite dump where I found a shoe box full of vintage handles. Woooooot!Round. Space-agey. Silvery. Just my style! Yay free handles!! Yay for re-cycling!

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Nancy_C said...

The year (or so) before my mother passed away, my parents redid their kitchen. As she was vertically challenged, she had her cupboards custom made to suit her height. Her handles were white (speckled with blue) teapots. She loved those teapots!

When my dad moved, I inherited the teapots! :-D