July 02, 2008

Mo money ...

... I found $100 on the ground!

It turned out to be a photocopy but STILL I found it. How exciting. How was your Canada Day? Mine was mellow. I watched the fireworks from my balcony and thanked my lucky stars I wasn't down with the crowds. I'm not good with crowds.

In other news... my computer is in the dining room for the next 2 months and I blame Germany! Why? Because our favourite Germans are coming to stay with us so we're giving up the office so they have somewhere to rest thier German heads.

I'm stoked. I love The Germans.


Louise said...

once, coincidentally, when i was a really broke student, i really did find $100 on the ground...and spent it all on vegan beer! ha!

Derrick said...

Trial is great, so is the cookbook!