July 09, 2008


I had a wonderful day off with The Hubby the other day. We went and had pedicures!!
He got his manly toes buffed.
I had mine polished.
A good time was had by all thanks to my Auntie Bonnie and cousins for the wonderful spa gift certificate they gave me for my birthday.

We also had a lovely dinner. Portobello Mushroom burgers, potato salad, corn chips and for dessert ... some fresh figs.
Then in the evening our fantastical wonderful friends Stu and Sly popped over after their weekended getaway to Seattle and they brought us home some Mighty O Donuts. Drrooooool. They were all gone in about 30 seconds.
To say I was full ... dear lord. I think it might be time for a fast. *laugh*


Carol said...

mmmmm...figs! Where do you buy your figs from?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I want some vegan doughnuts! I wonder where I could find them in St. Louis...