September 25, 2008

one more sleep

Everyone keeps asking me if I'm excited about my up coming book launch party. Truth be told I'm not really thinking about the party. I'm just trying to get through all this freaking baking ...

It's not like I just show up to the party and it's fabulous. I make the party happen.

So far I've made 150 + mini Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pies
150 + mini Better Than Butter Tarts
100 + Righteous Orbs
150 + Chocolate Coconut Cookies
Plus Edamame Hummus, Gillians Lentil Dip and tomorrow I'm making NOT Pigs in a Blanket and Pesto Pin wheels.

The last thing on my mind is how much fun the party is going to be. *laugh*

Tonight (with Gerry and Nova's help) I hauled up drinks, coolers, hung photos (that will be for sale), organized the art space (thank you Olio Cooperative for letting me use the space).

Tomorrow I have more baking to do, an interview with A-Channel ... at some point I need to take a nap and put on eyelashes and a fancy face.

I'll get excited at 6:29 when I'm waiting for people to arrive ... until then I'm back to baking.


Anonymous said...

You'll always - cause you are Sarah Kramer,Vegan Superstar!!!!!!!!!!!! *Roooaaarrrr*

leigh said...

Good luck, i am sure it will be fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

It'll be great! Have fun :)

Maria Rose said...

How wonderful that you are showing your art as well!

Holly said...

Hey I like the vegan butter tart name! "Better Tarts"!

Emily said...

Man what I would give for an invite (and jet plane) to that party! Sounds delicious, and remember Sarah- you ARE the party!

Carrie™ said...

Busy beaver aren't you? Wow! That's a lot of food. I'm sure the party will be a huge success. Best of luck!
P.S. That husband of yours is an absolute riot! :o)

rizzarizzrazz said...

My guts hurt today. Thank you, x1000000.