October 08, 2008

Last day in P-town

I woke up and spent some quality time with George. He's such a gentle giant and I really needed some doggie love. I am missing Fergus something fierce!! Then I got ready to go shoot some episodes over at Every Day Dish TV and had some more doggie love from Bruno!
After shooting the episodes I headed back to The Mini Mall to help set up for the party at Herbivore.

I had such a fun time visiting with old and new friends.

Thank you again to Josh, Michelle and Ruby for putting on such a stellar event. And to everyone in PORTLAND! You are so good to me. I hope to see ya'll soon.

dress by Stop Staring
earrings by Brookadelphia


Carol said...

All these pictures of you and where is your famous 'thumbs up'?!

sour said...

HAHA the girl in the brown hoodie is super thrilled to be there!

jAe said...

yeah! who is that kid next to isa in the 2nd last pic? that`s hillarious.