October 04, 2008

Long day ...

I had a great day at the SF Veg Festival. I hung out at the Veg News table and signed books and met with all sorts of fantastic wonderful people.

I just want to thank Veg News again for all the hard work they did to promote me and my events. They made me feel like a superstar. Thank you you guys!!

I had a lot of fun today ... but it was a really long day and I am insanely tired.Off to bed. No energy for words.

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Anastasia said...

just thought i'd let you know, that VAGG is amazing thus far. I went to some college kids dorms tonight and we made the zucchini noodles with the 5 min tomato sauce and then some naan. We were so full and it was so wonderful. I'm making the easy mac 'n cheese next time from LDV. It was such a wonderful night and so much thanks to you and your cute and wonderfully treasured book.