October 30, 2008

Winnipeg -> Toronto

Before I left for Toronto I was able to have one last meal with my family. My brother made perogies with roasted veggies and salad with the vegan Caesar salad dressing that his restaurant makes and sells in the Organza Deli. Oh yum. What a lunch!!
My party at Left Feet and Heart on Your Sleeve was so fun. I heart Toronto!! All my Victoria friends who now live in Toronto showed up!!

So many Toronto friends who I love and adore like Teresa Pavlinek. She's soooo tall!! Or maybe I'm soooo short. :)
Friends who I've known since I was a baby ...
My favourite family The Stacey/Islers were there.
My favourite film maker Brian Clement.
And so many new friends!!

It was a stellar event AND I bought some amazing shoes... I'll blog about them later! Right now I'm sitting at The Monkey Bunch headquarters and we're working away on our new project. It's so exciting. I can't wait to share the details but for now you'll have to wait. :)

I'm off to Boston tomorrow.

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Mizz Monsta said...

I'm sad I missed seeing you again! Stupid work making me stay late *sniffle snuck*