December 22, 2008

The Office ...

So my office/photo studio has been one of the last rooms in our condo to receive any TLC since we moved in. This room was originally the master bedroom and because I don't have proper office storage it's become a nightmare and not a place I enjoy working.

We've ordered some pax units from Ikea to make this side of the office a more functional space ... but first thing we had to do was take down those mirrors.
Gerry thought we'd have to smash them ... but as luck would have it using a crow bar removed them quite nicely and we only ended up breaking one. Although I was excited and ready to smash things with my hammer. The drywall took a bit of a beating from the double sided tape so we had to do a little fix-up before I paint the wall.
Stay tuned... ;)

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EdaMommy said...

Looks like really satisfying progress. ^_^