February 19, 2009

Hey UK!

If I came to London England. What should I do?


sour said...

umm...bring an assistant?

Laura said...

Pay a visit to Alfies Antique Maket-- even if you cant buy it's great fun wandering through! Make sure you visit Sparkle Moore and Cad Von Swankster's shop The Girl Can't Help It! Also Soho is fun and Carnaby St is still a blast-- have a look at Kingly Court... awesome vintage store there. There's good eats around Soho too! Visit the Natural History Museum just to look at the carvings around the entrance way, the V&A, and try the vegetarian double decker bus off Brick Lane!! Have fun!!

Holly said...

Have a book signing, of course! Wasn't HIAV recently published there?

jeanette said...

Take me with you, of course.

Katrina said...

Come to Viva!s Incredible Veggie Roadshow in April (the 18th to be exact)
Lots of free vegan food + we'll (Viva! merchandise stall) be selling your books with pride :)

Deb said...

Hi Sarah,

You should eat here:


and here:


And then come visit us in Birmingham and eat here:



Jemima said...

Ooo how exciting...London is fab, endless things to do and see. If you would have time to go further, Brighton is vegan central and only about an hour by train AND you get to experience the Great British seaside at the same time.

If you were book signing, please please come to Birmingham - again only an hour by train (or I could fetch you in my little red mini ha ha.) Also Birmingham has some of the best ethnic Vegan food in the country

Anonymous said...

There's a new raw food restaurant called SAF in East London that's lovely!and Manna is a great restaurant in Primrose Hill. Camden is always a tourist must. Get to one of the great markets like Portobello or Brick Lane. Walk along the canals (I live on a canal boat with my hubbie and dog:)Go to one of our fab theatres. Take a day trip to beautiful Bath and go to a veggie restaurant called Demuth's. Catch a burlesque show at Volupte. Free entry to ALL museums and art galleries!!!!There are always a million fantastic things going on in London, it will depend on the dates you are here! But please get out of London for at least a day or you won't have experienced the true beauty of the country :)

Courtney Suzanne said...

It's great that you posed this question now, because my betrothed and I are planning our summer honeymoon trip to London this week. We're having a heck of a time deciding where to STAY, let alone how we're going to fit all the things we want to do into 1 week. My number 1 thus far: visiting Harrods.

kate said...

Oh Courtney please forget Harrods its sooooooo overrated!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really just a big tourist trap, instead go to Fortnum and Masons and Liberty, two of the best and oldest department stores and far more beautiful than Harrods.

Anonymous said...

Don't visit Harrods or any of the other high end department stores, with the exception of Selfridges they all sell fur.
If you are over in Europe, make the trip to the Basque Country, we are more in need of vegan propaganda than London!!!
¡Saludos cordiales!

emma xxx

veganwino said...

Come and see me!!! I totally agree with what everyone has said - I'm dying to try SAF and I love the Gate in Hammersmith which is not just vegan but veggie too but good vegan menu. Brighton Vegan festival is on 21st March (prob too soon!!) but the Bristol 1 is in May I think or London in september - so busy. Ooo, is Gerry coming with you with his vegan ink!!??

Mel(veganwino) xx