February 27, 2009

SPCA Victoria

So I'm volunteering some of my time to the Victoria SPCA and today I went with my friends Wendy and Suzy (the dog) to watch Wendy talk to a kindergarten class about the SPCA and about taking good care of your animals. God it was cute. :)


rizzarizzrazz said...

Sooo ... I just did a quick looksie at the Victoria SPCA, and now I'm going to (attempt to) use your blog as my megaphone:


I'm astounded that that lovely boy is still waiting for a home. My God. I worked in the sick cats room at the SPCA over the summer, which is where I met Vincent (who has been there since July). He is AMAZING. And he's very, very good with other cats, so he'd be a nice addition to your family zoo.

Holly said...

Just taking a guess...but is that your Pic-a-Flic bag on the right? :-)