February 13, 2009

Tattoo Zoo

I wasn't feeling well today so I wasn't able to hang at The Zoo today for the Friday the 13th Extravaganza but A-Channel News came down so I was able to watch from the couch in my pajamas.

All sorts of people dropped by today. I think Gerry and the boys did 37 - "13" tattoos in total. Poor Gerry did 20 of them and now his neck hurts as a result. :(

Gerry talking to A-News.
The sign up sheet... first come first served!
Happy customers!

Thanks to everyone who dropped by. I wish I could have been there.
Special thanks to our receptionist extraordinaire Nova for taking photos for me!! :)


sour said...

sorry most of them were so blurry, i was running around like a crazy person. *whew*


sar said...

Dear girl in the knitted pink hat,

You are very very pretty.

The Cooking Lady said...

Sorry that Florida is so far away, I just might have gotten the #13...who knows.