March 01, 2009


I was at the SPCA today for the AGM and am now on the Community Council!! I'm excited to lend a hand and do what I can. They are desperate for dog walkers on Tues, Sat and Sunday so if you're in Victoria and have the time please come down to the shelter and volunteer.

I did a quick looky through the kennels today and stopped in my tracks when I saw Brewster! Isn't he lovely? He was very calm (and happy) when I went up to the gate, even he shook a paw when I asked. :)
Here's his story. I hope someone in the Victoria area runs down and grabs him:
Brewster was surrendered to the SPCA because his owners got divorced. He is a friendly boy who loves other dogs and chases cats. Brewster needs a secured fenced yard to keep him home or else he will wander away as he is a hound dog! Please research Beagles before considering adopting as they are not a breed for everyone.

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Maria Rose said...

I love him. You're right I grew up with a beagle and they really do take a special, dedicated person who is willing to accept the fact that beagles:
1) Will eat forever.
2) Can never be off leash, they like to wander.
3) Are independent.
4) Are really great animals for people who are looking for a smart dog!