March 30, 2009

Job interview

Had a job interview today ... haven't done one of those in 15+ years. It was weird. :)

How do you answer the question "how much would you expect to be paid?" It totally threw me.


Funny Interview Video Contest said...

Interview Tips

*Dont come to the interview drunk and then proceed to pass out

*Dont bring your mom, children or pets

*Tell your interviewer how you love to sing opera, then bust out signing acapella

*Dont tell any racist jokes

*Do not submit an Impossible is Nothing type video resume (if you dont know what we are talking about please Google it&it is quite entertaining)

E.K. said...

I just finished the final interview for my new job today. I'm employed!

Paul said...

I always write 'negotiable'
people love big fancy words

Anonymous said...

I hate that question with a passion. During the interview, if and when it comes up, I act visibly uncomfortable and I'll even joke, "How am I supposed to answer that?" I'm not acting uncomfortable...I actually am!

How did it go overall? Are you going to reveal what the interview was for?

Scott said...

The real question is:

Will she be happy here based on what we're willing to pay?

Diving in a little deeper:

If you ask/want more money than they're willing to pay they may not hire you because they may conclude you will feel underpaid and become unhappy quickly.

The best way to answer this question is to have a general idea of the range that the position pays for the job you're applying for. If you ask for an average amount within that range you're probably safe. If you ask for a higher amount within that range then be prepared to show those personal skills that will justify the higher pay.

Maria Rose said...

I am actually interviewing people right now and I have to ask that question.I hope that they give a range of about $10,000 (like 35,000-45,000) and say that they are willing to negotiate.It's nice to have a low and a high.

Paisley said...
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The Cooking Lady said...

Yes, we would love for you to be on TV. But about the salary thing. I hate when they ask you for a number, but how about this..."Enough to pay my bills."

That should help?!

gwern said...

"the going rate".

but it's been years since i've been interviewed or had to fill out forms so i dunno if it's still appropriate.

good luck! :D