March 17, 2009


Any synchronized swimmers out there? I had a lot of e-mails in the last 10 years but this one from Shannon has stumped me. *laugh* Anyone have any ideas??

Love your books! Need help. My daughter is a synchronized swimmer. For performances they use gelatin in their hair that keeps their hair in place underwater. We are trying agar-agar but it doesn't seem to gel as hard as gelatin. Can you help us with any vegan alternatives that would be waterproof?
Thanks very much, Shannon


Raphie said...

i guess a swimcap is out of the question?

Raphie said...

I'm totally avoiding studying for a stats exam, so I googled it and found this:

Before Knox, swimmers used a combination of Vaseline, waterproof hair spray, or good ol’ fashioned Dippity-doo.

ieatmodestmouse said...

i just bought some vegan gel online...maybe that would work?