April 18, 2009


Gerry played hooky from work today and we went and saw Adventureland. I give it a C+. The movie couldn't decide if it was trying to be funny or trying to be serious and unfortunately it was neither. Then we came home and watched Leatherheads . Another C+. I guess April 18th 2009 is the day of mediocre movies.


Scott said...

Looking for a funny movie? I really enjoyed this one (Wild Hogs) - http://video.movies.go.com/wildhogs/

Anonymous said...

Have you seen The King of Kong?
Hilarious documentary.
Really! i think you'll like it!

Heavy Metal Parking Lot is worth finding too.

SiD said...

I easily gave Adventureland an A. I guess we just have totally different experiences. This was my life in the late 80s with bad jobs, confusing relationships, and good music. Like the movie, my life was both funny and serious -- with the serious things treated with humour and the humour taken very seriously. (*shrug*) This is the movie that Nick and Nora could have been although N&N failed miserably.