April 25, 2009

Short People

The other day I'm walking down the street to meet up with Gerry after work and there's a bit of a traffic jam as 2 lanes were merging into 1 for construction. Suddenly I can hear "Short People" by Randy Newman being played loudly out of one of the cars.

A little back story: When this song hit the airwaves in 1977 I was a very short person of 9 years old and took this song to heart. It hurt me. I was so mad that my Dad didn't know what to do with me, so he suggested that I write a letter to Randy Newman to let him know how much it hurt my feelings. I'm not sure if the letter ever got mailed *laugh* but my Dad was smart to let me express myself that way.

Anyhoo ... as I'm walking down the street wondering what kind of dork would blast a Randy Newman song I realize it's coming from a small white pick-up truck and the guy driving was wearing a cowboy hat. Hrrrm.

Upon closer inspection ... I realize it's my x-boyfriend from back in the day. For the love of Tofu! Ugh. Double whammy.

Sometimes I wish I could move to the city of "No-x-boyfriend-ville" where Randy Newman doesn't exist and I can and live out my days in peace.


sweetgrass said...

Oh yeesh...that is quite a wallup double whammy.

((((hugs)))) to that little short person and I so get it...says 5"2 me!

Love and smooches.

Carol said...

5ft here...and I remember hearing that song as a kid and thinking that whoever wrote it had to be such a total tool! lol
(oddly enough, I've always disliked Randy Newmwan's voice..gee, I wonder why)

KinaBolina said...

*snicker* This really is a horrible song when you think about it.
...cowboy hat???
xoxo Caroline

Jemima said...

My 13 year old son is also vertically challenged and he get's fed up with looking like his friends little brother and people asking him if he's 8!

We go with this song for motivational purposes