May 25, 2009

Skunk cabbage

It's been so glorious here this week I've been spending most of my time outside - while slathered in sunscreen and wearing a hat of course - pale is the new tan people!! We are so sun-starved during the winter months in Victoria that when the sun comes out everyone scurries outside to grab some Vit D.

On Sat I met some girlfriends for a walk in Beacon Hill Park (which was packed with people enjoying the amazing weather). The girls and I looked for a private patch where we could chat and we found a nice place in the grass and thanked our lucky stars that we live in Victoria. Look at that view!
Sunday Gerry, Fergus and I went for a walk around Elk Lake. Well ... not all the way around. It's a huge lake. :)

This is Fergus actually in the forest, not my bedroom. *laugh*
I was so impressed with the Skunk Cabbage. It's such an huge plant - almost prehistoric!! Like you expect a dino to be chomping away on it.
Gerry hates it but with good reason, it stinks like Skunk!!
Today is Burrito Monday! A new tradition that we look forward to every week ... more on that later.


Maria Rose said...

Burrito Monday...I like theme days!

3veggies said...

we started taco tuesdays. i think it might help with dinners if we a few nights that are always the same. helps the kids look forward to it