May 19, 2009


What a couple of days!! Poor Gerry was down with a cold (he's back to his old sassy self today) and while he slept in the living room trying to get better ... I worked in the bedroom doing renos. I'm about 98% done with all my work and I'm SO glad it's over because I am now suffering from renovation fatigue. I think by tomorrow night we should be back to sleeping in the bedroom.

I was looking through some old cdr's yesterday and found some funny stuff. I feel like I may have posted some of these before so at the risk of repeating myself ... here's some of what I found:

Me + Gerry + underwater camera = FUN!!
Yes. I'm wearing lipstick. Why? Because one of the photos from this shoot was used as a chapter header for La Dolce Vegan. I don't remember why Tanya and I were dressed as trashy waitresses but I'm sure it must have been fun. :)
Speaking of Tanya... I heard from a friend that someone wrote into Veg News to complain that Tanya was not mentioned in any of the awards I have won from Veg News. I guess the letter was published in the magazine. Did anyone read it? What did it say??

I have no idea what this was for ... but it sure is cute. :)
Yup. Yup. He likes me.
Oh god. Poor sad 1985 punk Sarah. Can someone give her a hug and tell her that things will get better?
This was the car I learned how to drive in. Yes. It's plugged in. Why? Because it's an electric Commuta Car circa 1980. Gerry and I found it up-island in a car lot and bought it immediately. It was so much fun to drive ... but sadly there wasn't anyone in town who could help us maintain the car so after a few years we sold it.
This video makes me miss my old car...

And lastly ... a video of wee fergus when he first came to live with us. Gosh he was tiny ...


sweetgrass said...

Oh the cuteness..and the puppy bounce!

Laurakins said...

aww..the commuta car is so cool..looks like a piece of lego!

Yup, I saw the letter in VegNews....p.20:

"Whoever wrote that paragraph on Sarah Kramer's "Comeback of the Year" award ("The Veggie Awards 2008," Nov/Dec) should have checked her facts more closely. Sarah Kramer did not write How it All Vegan! or The Garden of Vegan all by herself. Both of these were co-authored with Tanya Barnard, and Barnard should have been given credit. -Shirley A Rubin, Cincinnati, OH

Cee said...

What a cute puppy! That video absolutely made my day. Thanks!

E.K. said...

Okay work in that Vanilla Ice photo every chance you get! Oh screw it...that's soooo cool!

Maria Rose said...

Lovely trip down memory lane. I did read the letter about Tanya, but it just mentioned that she was unmentioned. Nothing beyond that as I recall.