July 23, 2009

Blog has moved ...

This blog has been moved to it's new home over at www.GoVegan.net

July 22, 2009

Mia update

Mia has been adopted!! :)

Now we gotta find a place for Harley.

July 21, 2009

Harley ...

Tattoo Zoo article

Check out the Tattoo Zoo interview for the Monday Magazine CityGuide. Click on the photo for bigger readable version.

July 20, 2009

July 16, 2009

Kin Keezy

Does this make me gangsta? I got a shout-out in the song Cupcakes by Kin Keezy.

July 15, 2009

Sidecar for Pigs

Sidecar For Pigs in Seattle is carrying the new GoVegan 2010 calendar. Check out this great article about them.

July 14, 2009

Ghost Bag

I got this letter from Amber but she didn't leave her e-mail address so I figured I'd share my response with everyone.

Hey Sarah...
I love your books, humor and recipes. I have a question....I just added Vegan a Go-go to my collection and I love it....What is the "Ghost Bag" and why does it follow you?? Just wondering!! =)

To answer your question Amber - Ghost Bag is an inside-joke between me and my hubby. Whenever we take our dog for a walk we look for Ghost Bag. It's that ubiquitous plastic bag that you see stuck high up in the trees or floating in circles in empty parking lots. When we spot Ghost Bag - we wave and yell "Hi Ghost Bag!"

On the rare occasion I can capture Ghost Bag - I carefully bring it home and re-cycle it. When I travel on my own ... and I notice Ghost Bag it makes me smile and think of Gerry and I feel close to home even when I'm miles away.

Even though it's one of those things that make me think of my hubby when I see it ... I am happy to report that sightings of Ghost Bag are few and far between nowadays with everyone being more conscientious and using cloth bags. If I never saw another Ghost Bag again ... I would be very happy.

Thanks for writing. :)


This is why I'm trying to raise funds for the SPCA. Poor Mia. :(

If you'd like to donate/sponsor me - please visit my donation page HERE.

July 13, 2009


We watched Blindness tonight. It's a bleak bleak movie that had me sobbing but don't let that scare you away. I don't want to say too much about it other than I highly recommend it...I give it 9 out of 10 blind eyes.

Click THIS to view the trailer.

Chickens in Victoria

FYI - the chickens that needed a safe haven - have found a forever home! :)

July 11, 2009

The Drab Doo Riffs

I got a package in the mail a while back with a 7" from a NZ band called The Drab Doo Riffs.

I left it in the tattoo shop office and TOTALLY forgot about it till yesterday and found it under a mountain of paper. What FUN they are!! Check them out HERE.

July 10, 2009

One persons garbage ...

I got the best sidewalk/garbage score the other night...Only a tiny chip in the corner of one of them ... I think they look fabu!!
In other news I had an amazing couple of days hanging out with my good friends Jen, Chris, Gavin and Kieran (who were in town visiting from Toronto). I'm so blessed to have friends like these ...

July 07, 2009

Tinkerbell found a home!!

Good News!!
Some of you may remember Tinkerbell who had been in the SPCA shelter for over 200 days. Well I got word today that she's been adopted and spent her first night in her new forever-home sleeping in between her new family. She settled in right away. :)

There are so many animals in your local shelter who need a loving home. If you're thinking of adding to your fur-family, please adopt.

And don't forget that I'm raising funds for the SPCA Paws for a Cause walk-a-thon so if you'd like to donate - visit my donation page HERE.

July 06, 2009

What to do with your old HIAV...

I've heard from a few readers that they're going to purchase the new 10th anniversary edition of HIAV and then give their old edition to a veg-curious friend.

I think that's such a fantastic way to recycle a gently used book as well as encourage your friends to go vegan. Brilliant!!


Oh Jian
How you make my heart Tweet with joy. :)
@jianghomeshi Tart tales cont'd: Got vegan butter tarts in mail (thx @govegandotnet). From BC. Impressive. May renounce dairy. But won't break up w/ Feta.

July 05, 2009


Cute review of LDV over at Tom's blog. I wish he had been listening to The Go-Go's instead ... but ... what are ya gonna do? :)