January 12, 2006

My bro sent me a Vegan "milk" chocolate bar by Terra Nostra that was soooo good I just had to tell you about it. I've never seen this brand before (but I do live in a cave). Was it ever yummy-liscious!

In other news I am now suffering from wind burned cheeks. It is soooo freakin windy, cold, rainy and gross here today that on the walk home from downtown Fergus and I almost got blown over. Yikes. Now my face is burning... What's a good remedy for chapped cheeks?


Danielle said...

Just give it a little time, and your cheeks will stop tingling. If it doesn't go away in an hour or so, try rubbing in your favorite moisturizer.

leigh said...

Comfrey salve?

Kramers said...

Stick your head in a bucket of extra virgin olive oil until you can't hold your breath any longer.
yup. works like a charm.