October 03, 2007

I did it my way...

I saw Paul Anka today eating an ice cream cone and shopping in the lingerie department at The Bay. God damn... he's a good looking man. I should have asked to take a photo with him...I always regret things when I let my shy side decide my course of action.

If you don't know who Paul Anka is... shame on you! Go visit his website.


Jenny said...

I got my picture taken with Tony Curtis last week, when he made an appearance at a local showing of "Some Like it Hot." I tried to get up the nerve to say something, or perhaps shake his hand. Coudn't do it. Regretted it later. Oh well! Woulda coulda shoulda!

bjorkedoff said...

Hey Sarah!
Great seeing you on Sunday,yr demos are always fun,and it was nice to help out.It was also nice to see you afterwards when you stopped in the car,that was neat.
here's a link to my blog:


i'm glad you had a good time.karl really liked the donut holes.i have a picture of you two that's really cute that i'll send when my brother's scanner is fixed.

if i ever come to victoria i'll make sure to let you know.
and by the way,i have a recipe published in the september 20th issue of the victoria vegan newsletter!check it out!

okay,well see you on the internet


Jenny said...

You know, it wasn't until I watched the video that I realized I had been thinking of Neil Sedaka! Good grief, I'm old enough to know better!

Is he really singing Nirvana? "Smells Like Teen Spirit", I believe? Cool.