December 02, 2007


Oh how sad. James Barber died. Article here.
I used to watch his cooking show the Urban Peasant on CBC and I learned more from him about cooking than any cookbook.


Carol said...

I loved him too!
I really related to his attitude of "If you don't have it...don't use it!"
He was so down to earth in the kitchen.

Ariane said...

omg, i hadn't heard! how sad!!! i used to watch urban peasant after school...

Anonymous said...

Yes, I learned so much from the Urban Peasant. I loved it and I cook a lot like him now, not using recipes, just throwing together what I have and what looks fresh and yummy.
Shannon in Ottawa

Stephen Rees said...

Yes he was an inspiration

All his cooking was easy to do and there was no elitism - anyone could do it and produce really tasty meals

I still think his idea of a rasp from Lee Valley tools instead of a grater was brilliant