April 28, 2009


Jill sent me this sweet letter... thanks Jill! You made my day! :)

Since you were sad about missing the L.A show I thought I would brighten your day with this little story. A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were driving through L.A. We just made it out of the heavy traffic and then our car broke down on the I-5. Crappy.

To kill some time while the car was getting fixed I went into Barnes & Noble. I thought I would comb the shelves for your latest book and save it from being shoved aside. I did not find it but I did see this little gem so I decided to represent and turn it facing forward.

Hope this turns your frown upside down! :)

From Jill
who is currently looking for a reliable car.

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Lisakat said...

i did the same thing on the BC ferry the other day. it was facing spine-out so i turned it face front!