April 26, 2009

I love Sunday

It's the last weekend that Willows Beach is open to dogs until Oct so we took full advantage today.
Fergus had so much fun romping in the ocean ...

So did I.
Gerry likes to stay dry.
Came home. Had lunch. Had a nap. Had Apple Pie Pancakes from LDV for dinner. I love Sunday.


vegannikki said...

It sound like a lovely day you had, I thought it was funny that you guys had breakfast for dinner because we're having overnight apple french toast from GOV tonight for dinner. I also wanted to tell you that I recived your calender in the mail on Sat and I love or should I say we (my daughter and myself) love it. It is very well put together and I love the pictures and the recipes, well I just love it all. I am so sad that I have to wait till next year to put it up! Good job on producing another great product.

Anonymous said...

First nice day we get, I'm headed to the beach.

sour said...

look at him running in that water
i just wanna chase him